Golfing is a game of practice. Hitting the ball perfectly off of the tee requires perfecting your golfing form. While it is easier to practice your short game, hitting those golf balls often requires heading to the range. But when you have limited time, visiting the club for a practice session is not always the most practical solution. Thus, a golf mat can help replace some of the practice sessions that you need to perfect your game.

One advantage of having a golf mat from is that you can practice in the limited space of a home or office. While you will want a net to catch those high flying golf balls, this can help when you don't have time between meetings or have other priorities to take care of. You can easily fit in a couple of practice swings during breaks. This will allow you to squeeze in extra practice time when you can't get to the course.

Another advantage of buying golf mats is that they are easy to install and remove when you need the space for something else. This allows you to place them anywhere in the home, office or in the yard. This allows you to transform a space into a practice area very quickly and return it to a usable space rather quickly. This gives you a lot of flexibility about when and where you can practice.

The golf mats also simulate the experience of teeing off on a real golf course. Since the Country Club Elite Golf Mats are designed to mimic the grass on the tees and the way they are held, you get to practice on a field as close to the real thing as possible. This means you don't have to change your overall hitting style when transferring from the practice mats to the actual golfing green. This translates to a more consistent swing and practice sessions that actually add value to your game. This is a big advantage since you want all of that practice to transfer to what you hit on the green.

These are the advantages of having a golf mat in your home. They can add valuable practice time when you don't have time to golf a full game. You can practice anywhere you have a place and then put it away when you are done. They also simulate a real tee off green so you have the feel of a real tee off.